Decorative Line

I love my cat so much, I named my notebook publishing name after her. I have been a web designer since 2011 and I'm obsessed with notebooks. I'm a professional who goes through notebooks quickly. Depending on the type of notebook, I've made them affordable so that you can get use out of them and then dispose of them when you no longer need them. Being disposable does not compromise the functionality of the notebooks. They are still suitable for everyday use and maintain a high standard of quality. I have several different covers available for my lined notebooks to suit any personality. 'Variety is the spice of life' they say, even when choosing a notebook.

LOVING SENTIMENTS lined notebooks are notebooks that read like a card. Who doesn't need paper laying around the house or office. Makes great gifts with special sentiments written on the front to share with your family, friends and co-workers.

CREATE RECIPES notebooks can be keepsakes for your special family recipes or they can be used to scribble your new found recipes. The quality paper doesn't change just because the use of it changes.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR LOGBOOKS are handy and easily accessible, yet can be hidden away in your glove box where you know you can always find it. It will help you keep track of the work you've done on your vehicle.

FOOD TRACKER JOURNALS are used for food tracking for weight loss and it can also be used to preplan meals for grocery shopping. Psst...they have a bonus blank recipe section in the back for your favourites.

Hope you like notebooks as much as I do and enjoy the covers I have designed. They are below average cost as I wanted to make them affordable for anyone while still getting the same quality as higher priced notebooks.  Whether you use the crap out of them then scrap them or keep them, they are extremely affordable, great quality, and recyclable.