While preparing an old family recipe you, you decided to add or substitute ingredients. You go to make the recipe again and you can't remember what you did that made the recipe better. My recipe journals allows you to record all your special recipes as you create and modify. In fact you can write down all your family favourites and give them to your kids when they leave home. (hint! hint!) 

Use ingredients that you have on hand, or use healthier choices to swap out ingredients to create your own recipes. Write out those recipes you found on your favourite social app instead of printing them off or losing them. 

These templated create-your-own-recipe-books were designed so as not to overshadow your recipes with graphics and wasted space but keeping it simple, like a notebook, while you create and experiment. 

Your 6" x 9" create your own recipe book contains:

• 3 pages to index your recipes

• 90 numbered pages with fill in recipe template on each page.

• Template: Recipe name, Ingredients, Instructions, Temp & Time