Start tracking your food intake and activity/exercise for 90 days and see the progress.

It's important to take measurements for you to realize that as you eat healthier and exercise more regularly, your body might weigh the same, but your clothes will fit differently. So take those measurements and take pictures as well, so you can "see" the difference.

Manual food tracking journals helps you keep on track and make sure you document your eating habits. You can then add them to your favourite weight loss APP and do it consistently and accurately. Too many times we say we will enter it later then we forget everything we actually consumed.

Great for fitness trackers and macro management apps or use this alone by counting calories. You can jot down your food and at the end of the day, you will be able to enter everything at once on your app or plan your next day's meals as well. You will become more mindful of your eating habits when you can see what you've been eating. It's also important to make sure you are eating enough and drinking enough water and/or combination of water and other healthy beverage choices.

Be truthful and accurate and you will see and learn how your body works for you. YOU GOT THIS!

* You can also use this to pre-plan your daily meals as well...